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Right for employment legalization services for foreign citizens in RF. ‘Outstaffing’ service.

We provide services in the sphere of human resources technologies – ‘Outstaffing’ – which gives your company a possibility to cut costs a great deal and to pass the responsibility for his legitimate execution to the third party organization while hiring a foreign employee. Collaborating with HR Solutions you totally deliver yourself from the necessity of executing of legalization right to employment for foreign citizens in RF, documentation and the estimation and payment of salary and taxes. Therefore you eliminate all the risks and acquire competitive advantages.

How does it work?

1. Our company, being a providing one, processes your employees (or employees that we found on your request) into their stuff and transfers them to your company on the basis of the agreement of employee secondment.

2. We take upon ourselves the HR records management, accounting and migration legislation management.

3. We pay salary taxes and pay out the salary of your employees.

We bear total responsibility in case of examinations of IFTS, FMS, Labour inspection and other controlling authorities!

1) Registration of foreign employee into the stuff of HR Solutions for 12 months: Arrangments of quotas and complete package of documents. Tax payments at the rate of registration of a foreign employee for one year;

2) If you need only documentary support in foreign employee registration in your company – HR Solutions will undertake the whole process or will execute any document as your representative. [Quota arrangements – Stamp duties payments – Medical certification – Medical history sheet execution – Primary migration registration - Yearlong migration registration - Documents translation – Other services];

3) TRP(Temporary Residence Permission) execution;

4) Personnel recruitment according to client’s demands.

We will be glad to gain a possibility to provide you with more detailed information concerning execution and personnel recruitment for your company!

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