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Thai massage therapist


Opinion about your spa-salon is created by the staff and the comfort generated by each employee of your salon. The ability to make a real massage - it is not just the result of learning and polishing up your skills. This is the gift that nature has endowed the inhabitants of south-eastern countries, it combines a special talent to be unobtrusive, ability to please the clients with the service provided and at the same time create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

No coincidence that this part of the world is associated with a quality massage and rehabilitation. Many people go there for the sake of massage, spa treatments and dive into the atmosphere of that magical country. Philippines is one of that beautiful countries.

The company "HR Solutions" recruits massage therapists from Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines for spa centers, as well as for the home. Customers tend to appreciate spa centers with native masseurs and masseuses from Asian countries higher.

For spa centers we select professional massage therapists with vast experience. Our staff works with the official registration permit, medical insurance, work visa.

When choosing our masseuses you receive:

  • Massage, which will plunge into the relaxing atmosphere of the East and recharge your energy.

  • Knowledge of all the nuances. Only skills inherited by nature, allow the therapist to learn all the massage tricks. For full relaxation and healing need to know a lot of techniques, especially the use of oils, herbs, stones, etc. Also, for your health, we select only the specialists with higher medical education.

  • Professionalism. We work with therapists and masseuses from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, with experience and higher education. All these factors guarantee that your spa center will meet high standards, decent professional level and health requirements.

Support Staff is our job! Trust professionals and choose from the list of candidates!

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