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Your Advantages

The root cause of the transition to out sourcing has always been cost reduction while there is a number of other things the company hauls down to select the method:

  • You  will be able to focus on main activities without the distraction of not profile areas.
  • Optimize business processes.
  • Increase profits and competitiveness of business operations as a result of the introduction of modern solutions in the field of personnel  administration.
  • To minimize risks, increase the ability to quickly respond to the complexity of the inliidual segments of the market and the economy.
  • Promptly engage qualified specialists.
  • Make the  expenses on accounting and HR administration more predictable and transparent.
  • Reduce  the cost of maintaining the company’s personnel records and payroll. 
  • If the company is contracting on a simplified system of taxation and therefore has a limit on the number of employees, out staffing-is an opportunity to increase staff and attract new employees to perform certain tasks.
  • Involvement of staff for short-term projects.
  • The possibility of hiring in the regions without opening offices or branches.;
  • Ensuring the legalization of employment of staff as out staffing guarantees the payments and HR administration in full accordance with Russian legislation.