Cooks, Nurses, home care and masseuses for you from the Philippines and Thailand!1342



Our mission is to provide comprehensive assistance to Russian companies in the area of HR consultancy. The modern market defines the use of high technologies, not only in the main stream of production. The human factor comes to the forefront. Availability of qualified specialists who identify themselves with the company is the key factor of success of any enterprise. Our strategy is to provide quality service and both short-term and long-term foreign staff in different directions.


We provide all personnel documentation. We fully accept all responsibility in the case of checks from the part of IRS, FMS, labor inspection and other regulatory authorities. A representative of our company will constantly control the staff and solve all problems if any arise and replace personnel for free if necessary. We are ready to comply with your requirements and assist you in providing personnel, outstaffing and full range recruitment.HR Solutions acts as a direct employer, including foreign personnel


We guarantee the quality of our services. Working with us, you will get rid of many personnel recruitment issues, namely: the selection of staff to carry out certain tasks at specific times, issues relating to audits by the IRS, FMS, labor inspection and other regulatory authorities. You don’t need to have these employees on board. We recruit Asian personnel in the following professions:

  • nurse;
  • maid (housekeeper);
  • stewart;
  • cook;
  • gardener;
  • roustabout;
  • beauty experts for studios;
  • medical nurse;
  • provision of personnel upon the request of the client.