Cooks, Nurses, home care and masseuses for you from the Philippines and Thailand!1342

Foreign staff

Asian staff are considered to be the best in many countries. If you have noticed that the best staff of luxury hotels are commonly from the Philippines.

  • Respect to the employer is genetically laid to Asian people, especially if their employer is European
  • They are very hardworking and conscientious, responsible in handling any type of work.
  • They are attentive to hygiene and always look neat which must be their main advantage in the list of requirements to service-oriented staff.
  • Their advanced level in English is an essential reason for hiring. English will be the second language in your family.
  • The hospitality and kindness are Philippinos national traits of personality.
  • Asian are tactful, not interusive and do not suffer from excessive curiosity. Do not disturb others with your presense, doing his job - a distinctive feature of these people.
  • Get on very well with children. Play, read, laugh with your child and do it sincerely, with pleasure.
  • National trait of these people is their love to music and singing, they love to sing and have a great musical ear from birth.
  • They do not speak Russian (except standart phrases) and therefore can not "wash dirty linen in public".
  • One the most appealing trait of Philippinos is always positive attitude and friandly appearance no matter what has happened. With such staff you will always feel comfortable and in your home there will be the perfect order!